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Recommended – PriceWatch in the Irish Times (Monday)

When Value Ireland was started in 2003, the Irish Times was one of the few national newspapers which provided the least amount of coverage to the perceived phenomonen of “Rip Off Ireland” at the time. By extension, they weren’t interested in giving any coverage to Value Ireland, unlike some of their competitors.

Things have changed. The Irish Times now has a PriceWatch section every Monday in their printed edition. The full page normally covers a feature article regarding consumer affairs in Ireland, and then has smaller sections devoted to reviews of a particular kind of product, e-mails from readers, and a section devoted to items given either a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”.

The PriceWatch section is definitely worth a quick read each week to see what’s going on. It has actually taken over, in my opinion, from the previous leading position which the Irish Independent Business Section on a Thursday had when it came to consumer affairs in the national press.

You can access the PriceWatch column online for free via the Ireland.Com website. Look to the left hand side of the page in the Weekly Index section for PriceWatch on a Monday. Unfortuntately, I can’t provide a direct link – well, here’s a direct link for Monday October 23rd.

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