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Revenue owe YOU money, get it now…

I received this e-mail this morning. It looked like one of your normal rubbishy chain e-mails, especially as the heading was “Revenue owe YOU money, get it now… THIS IS ACTUALLY TRUE”. Normally the “THIS IS ACTUALLY TRUE” is a dead give-away.

However, the contents of this particular chain e-mail is correct. Maybe slightly exaggerated, but definitely it’s something that everyone should do. The Fine Gael Party almost touched upon this advice in their Taxback Campaign.

In light of recent news reports and subsequent adverts on bus stops/trains/billboards, it appears the Revenue Commis owe us a lot of money. If you need a more precise figure, try EUR1.2 billion, over the past five years.
In order to see if you are owed money, you’ll need to contact the Revenue on 1890 333 425. There is a voice activated service when it answers and it asks for your PPS number. When you give this, it asks what service you want, simply say “None of these” and wait for an operator to continue. Ask him/her for a P21 Balancing Statement and get it back-dated to 2002 or as far back as possible. They will check if all your details are correct and send them out. If you are owed any money, you get a tasty cheque from them within days. On the other hand (and don’t shoot me for this!!), if you owe them money, it will be taken from you in the form of a reduction in your tax credits in the years to come.

In case you need any more encouragement to do this, nearly everyone in my immediate area did this and so far three people have received back tasty cheques for EUR386, EUR837 & over EUR1,400 each. I’m still waiting on my reply. Now tell me you can’t bother picking up the phone and calling them….

Also anyone renting can claim a tax credit for EUR330 which will lower the amount of tax you pay and this can also be back dated to as far back as you have been renting in current or previous tenancies. Go to www.revenue.ie, click on the ‘Tax & Duty’ link on the left hand column, move down to the ‘Personal Credits’ and click on ‘Rent Tax Credit’, print the form, fill it in and send to your local tax office (not the Dublin one). Anything refundable this year will be given back by your employer in your payslips. Refunds for last year, the year before, etc will be refunded by cheque.

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