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Calls to China from mobile phones

You’d think that making a phone call on your mobile to a number in China would be horribly expensive. I thought so too until I discovered that at certain times, calling China can be cheaper than calling my ma home down the country.

From previous posts, you’ll know that I used to be with 3. While with them, I needed to send text messages fairly regularly to someone I know travelling in China. But 3 didn’t send messages to China, and they didn’t know when they’d be providing that facility – and obviously not bothered with the Chinese market in Ireland.

Unlike O2 I discovered. I bought one of their cheap Speak Easy prepay phones in order to send these messages. Fine, no problems there. I made one or two phone calls as well, but since I was on free credit originally, I didn’t pay attention to the cost.

Then recently, they sent me a message telling me that I could make calls to China for 15c per minute. This is a great price and is the same as calling Irish landlines on some O2 price plans. So I was able to make great use of that price.

Since moving to Vodafone, I didn’t have the issue with sending text messages, since Vodafone actually deliver texts to China. However, I checked the per minute cost on my monthly price plan for calling China – €3.23 per minute. Unbelievable. But as the helpful person on Vodafone Customer Care pointed out, if I used a Vodafone Pay As You Go phone, I’d get the same calls for 5c per minute.

So, I’ll get a Vodafone SIM card for €9.99. I’ll automatically get €15 free credit with that which will refund me the cost of the card, and I’ll get a further 50 free minutes straight away. And future calls will save me 10c per minute.

So, shopping around, and looking at all the alternatives can definitely save you money – even on dreaded mobile phone costs.

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