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Insurance you don’t need

In the past week, the Irish Independent has published two articles discussing the types of insurance that you don’t need. These articles are here and here. Obviously they highlight that people should be very careful in reviewing their own situation before deciding whether or not to buy certain types of insurance.

Funny thing happened to me a few years ago in Dixons on Oxford Street. I’d decided to buy a PDA personal organiser so the saleperson went out back to get one from stock. While he was out there, another salesperson came over pushing me to buy insurance on the item. Highlighting all the bad things that could happen me, as well as the “expensive” PDA itself, he was quite insistent.

My response, which it always is in such circumstances, that given how much money I was paying for the thing in the first place, that I’d be most careful in looking after it, and that I haven’t lost anything yet, touch wood.

Anyway, the first salesperson comes back from the stores with the item, trips over his ankles coming to the counter, and drops the PDA he was carrying. Almost cracking up, I turned to the second salesperson asking whether or not they had insurance themselves.

To finish this story, the first guy came over and handed over the PDA box. Obviously I wasn’t taking it, since he’d dropped it. I asked for another from the store. He was about to take back the one he dropped, but I made sure he left that one behind him so I could be sure I wasn’t given it back again behind the scened.

I did a search on Google for “insurance you don’t need” and there are 755 returned items, mostly focused on U.S. insurance buyers. A similar search, interestingly, for Google.ie, Ireland only, returns 0 results.

So, to help out, I’ve put together a listing for Irish consumers of insurance that they don’t need which will hopefully at least make the Google.ie search listing. If used correctly (bearing in mind their own personal situation), it’s likely that lots of consumers will save money using the information there.

Click here to read the Value Ireland Tips on Insurance you Don’t Need.

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