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I’ve just been horribly caught out….

Since June, I’ve been commuting to work by bus. On many occasions, I haven’t had the correct fare, and received these refund tickets from the driver. I’ve been saving these up before a trip into town to collect my refund money in total (which you get from Dublin Bus headquarters at 59 Upper O’Connell Street).

You could almost look at this as a kind of painless saving arrangement – a few pence in change a day over a few weeks or months would surely add up. I’d been intending to send mine on to Sunshine House in Balbriggan with whom I volunteer every summer for a week.

But my change refund tickets are worth nothing apparently, thanks to this sentence on the Dublin Bus website, “Note that we cannot refund without both tickets being presented.”

I didn’t know this, and I don’t have the original tickets for my change refund tickets. I’m going to mail them today to see how flexible they are on this, so my charitable donation is on hold for the moment.

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  • Thats are complete joke, let us know how you get on.

    I wonder how much profit they make from unclaimed refunds, and do they pay tax on it.

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