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Mixed Messages on Credit Card Charges

Twice (here and here) I’ve written about what seemed to be a growing campaign on the part of the Irish Bankers Federation (IBF), the Consumer Association (CAI) and Senator Margaret Cox to stop the addition of credit card surcharges by many companies.

However, in a pretty disastrous case of sending mixed messages which is likely to cause consumer confusion – and therefore consumer disinterest – we now have a new and different campaign illustrated in the recent press coverage of the IBF and the CAI seeking to have the €40 credit card stamp duty tax removed by Brian Cowan in the forthcoming budget.

Both fairly noble intentions, you’ll agree. But in times where media messages and campaigns need to be clear and conscise, I think that this will only cause confusion.

Can’t we have a specific, clear and concise campaign to address one or other of these issues, and on the back of that, begin to address the next one? Or is there some other agenda, forcing both issues, and eventually coming to some dirty compromise to keep all interested parties (apart from the poor consumer) happy?

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