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New National Consumer Agency Website

The new website for the National Consumer Agency is being publicised at the moment. I would definitely recommend that people check it out and bookmark it for future reference. From looking through it for the past week or so, it does have some excellent content. I find the colours and navigation a bit iffy, but overall the site is very good.

A couple of items of particular note for me. Firstly is the ODCA Prosecutions listing which details the names and offences of Irish businesses who have been successfully prosecuted for breaching Irish consumer legislation. No harm in reviewing this every so often to see who’s being named and shamed, and then use this as a listing of companies that people should boycott in future. Value Ireland will be doing more work on this in the near future.

Secondly, the website has a link to Sign Up for Consumer Alerts. I’m guessing it’ll be worthwhile to sign up for this to be up to date on what’s happening on the site, and what research they may make available in the future.

Overall, though such a resource was such a long time coming, it’s definitely been worth the wait.

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