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Sharp pricing practices for Rugby World Cup tickets

Have just received an e-mail from a mate who’s in the process of buying tickets for the Irish games for the 2007 Rugby World Cup. Here’s his observations on the difficulties presented to Irish consumers when trying to buy these tickets.

Rip-off No. 1:
You go to Ticketmaster.ie, and that website directs you to different areas if you’re UK/Ireland or rest of world. Rest of world pays €12 for Ireland vs African qualifier (1st game) while UK & Ireland pay £9 or €13.47. Why a 10% price hike, and why sterling charge for Ireland, when it’s in the euro zone, and the games are all in the euro zone as well? Why can’t Ticketmaster Ireland process the sales of Irish RWC tickets?

Rip-off No. 2:
When making purchases, the UK ticketmaster site has refused the ability to combine tickets into one order for the 4 games. Instead, they had to be ordered individually for each game, with an £11 delivery charge per order. A whopping €65 processing fee to purchase just 4 €12 tickets.

Rip-off No. 3:
AerLingus.com – Fly the week before the first Ireland game and it’s E29 one way into Bordeaux. Fly the Friday or Saturday before the first game, a Sunday kickoff, and it €155 …. And this for flights in September 2007! So much for cheaper flights if bought well in advance.

While none of the above is illegal, it stinks of price gouging on the part of Ticketmaster. I’ve already talked here about the campaign to get rid of these processing charges (here and here), and this insistance of charging £11 processing fee for the privelage of buying a £9 ticket is unbelievably crass.

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