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Shopping around, even in outlets within the same chain

In April 2005, there was an Advance Pitstop advertising campaign which claimed that since they provided the best prices, consumers needn’t bother shopping around.

Our research, published here, showed that not only did Advance Pitstop not provide the best value compared to other tyre outlets, but there were significant advantages to be had by shopping around between Advance Pitstop outlets in different areas of Dublin.

Which I’ve also noticed when I was shopping last year with a mate looking for a television. Between 2 different outlets of Currys (Blanchardstown and Liffey Valley) there were 2 different prices on the exact same television.

Even the offers were different between the 2 shops – a stand was included in one price, and free in another (where the overall price was still cheaper). Eventually, my friend bought in Liffey Valley which had the cheapest price for the tv, had the stand included in the price, and he also got a free DVD player.

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