Small Claims Court is now Online

Today’s the day for new websites. I’ve just seen it mentioned on the AskAboutMoney forum that the Small Claims (Court) Online project has been launched in a pilot format.

This is being run by the courts service, as you can see from the actual web address you get to when you access the web address.

I’ve never submitted a small claim, so I don’t know how good the site is. I went part way through the process online and found it fairly intuitive.

One thing I did notice though was that there wasn’t much blurb to let people know (apart from the €2000 limit) under what circumstances they may lodge a small claim. There isn’t either really a clear description of what the process is when lodging a small claim if you haven’t done this before. These may be detailed within the application process, but I would have thought it’d be handier up front.

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