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Update on Credit Card Surcharges

Earlier, I wrote about credit card surcharges, and the low profile and to date ineffective campaign over the past number of years to have them scrapped.

Now, as reported in todays Irish Independent, Senator Margaret Cox has proposed a draft bill to control credit card charges which she is presenting to the Fianna Fáil Seanad Group. Apparently, this draft bill is an attempt to abolish credit card charges and to create greater price clarity for consumers.

The Credit Card Surcharge Abolishment Bill seeks to establish that prices will remain the same no matter what method of payment is used by the consumer. It would stop businesses from charging an extra amount when a consumer pays by credit card. Handling charges, which are sometimes charged on top of credit card surcharges, would also be ruled out if the bill was passed.

All sounds like a good idea, but remember, the good Senator has only proposed this Draft Bill to her own party members – it hasn’t even gotten anywhere near the Senate itself yet. Bandwagon electioneering coming up to next June?

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