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Hodges Figgis Customer Service

Speaking of shopping, I was in Hodges Figgis last Friday. I was just looking for a quick tour guide for Belfast (which I couldn’t find, by the way). I found something different instead and went to the counter to pay for it.

I came upon the absolute worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in Dublin – well, worst in that there was none. The lady there had a massive scowl on her face, made no eye-contact, didn’t say please/thanks or anything, and made no effort to be in any way polite at all.

Now, I know we can all have our bad days, but we all still have to do our jobs as well. And we’ve all experienced crap customer service in Ireland, but I was dumbfounded at this ladys demeanour.

I didn’t bother complaining – what can you really say – “that lady didn’t smile at me when I gave over my money”. But I don’t think I’ll be going back. My small little protest. Of course, that means I can’t go to Waterstones now either, seeing as their owned by the same company. Oh, and I suppose to be strictly correct in my little protest, I’ll find another place to go instead of HMV as well.

These companies, like Lemon in another post, will hardly notice my witholding of purchases. If only everyone who had a problem in shops would do the same though. Every little helps, and if businesses were to see their custom fall, eventually they’d start to try to find out why, and might then make a little effort to actually win back or deserve our business.

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