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Price Rises will cost businesses customers

I started working in the centre of Dublin in June of this year. It was a new experience for me, having mostly worked in the sticks of Sandyford since coming back to Dublin in 2003. One of my favourite new experiences was going to the Lemon pancake place on Dawson Street.

Unusually for me, I’d get into town early in the morning to have enough time for my breakfast before starting work. I’d get a traditional pancake and a tea for €5. For me, a fantastic breakfast. I’d go there maybe 3 or 4 times a week.

One thing I did have an issue with them at the time though was that they had a “Meal Deal” for exactly the same breakfast as I was ordering, but it cost €5.50. The exact same breakfast, but the “Deal” was 50c more expensive.

Then, in September or October last, their €5 breakfast was increased in price – to €6.30, a 25% increase.

I don’t watch the markets for the raw materials that go into pancakes and tea all that much, but I don’t think that flour, eggs and milk prices went up 25% recently.

Having said all that, I still like my pancakes. However, now I might go once every couple of weeks, rather than my previous rate. So, based on their increased prices, they’re losing over €40 per month on me alone.

But given how busy they are at lunch times at least (if not the mornings), people are obviously willing to pay the new more expensive prices for nothing different or improved at all.

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