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PriceWatch in the Irish Times – no longer free online

So much for value for money, or not as the case may be. Early on in this blog I gave PriceWatch in the Irish Times a thumbs up (wonder where they got that idea from), particularly because you could access it for free online.

No more unfortunately, as it has become part of the premium Ireland.com service. Having read the last couple of weeks installments, I don’t think this is any harm really. The feature has been full of people complaining about the terms and conditions of products and services, rather than the price or any kind of unfair or illegal activity on the part of businesses.

As we’ve always said on Value Ireland, if you read the terms and conditions up front, you have a choice. Take it or leave it. If you take it, why would you bother complaining afterwards- you had the choice. If you didn’t read the conditions, then more fool you.

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