Allied Irish Banks hit by more complex phishing

I have this website bookmarked for quite a while now. I think I came across it while I was researching this article for ValueIreland, How to Avoid Financial Phishing. It’s quite a good site to explain the phenomonen of phishing (though with an American slant).

We also saw a couple of weeks ago that Allied Irish Banks (AIB) are being targetted by a new kind of phishing, which apparently is more sophisticated than previously seen, written about here on their site.

It seems a little ironic that this was discovered at pretty much the same time as AIB announced that it was rolling out a more secure way of banking for it’s business and corporate customers.

No word of this new more secure banking being made available to the hardpressed AIB personal customer.

There’s a question. Given every single thing publicised about how AIB operate, how do they still have any customers?

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  1. Phyllis May 14, 2007 at 13:27 #

    Seems that BOI are having similar problems including computer viruses – at least they suggest how to protect your PC, check it out

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