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Fine Gael Consumer Week

I have a Google e-mail alert that sends me any up to date news daily where the term “rip off Ireland” might appear. Apart from the bizarre situation today where I had an e-mail telling me about the publication of one of my own blogs, there was recently this newspaper article in the Kilkenny Advertiser.

Now, if the journalists in the Kilkenny Advertiser are anything like those in the Athlone Advertiser, they won’t have put too much research into this article at all, but lets see what they had to say about this Fine Gael Consumer Week – I was intrigued.

They talk about a Consumer Charter, and compensating consumers who loose utility services – hurting those suppliers who don’t provide good customer service. A noble plan, but where’s the detail of the Consumer Week?

A search of Google news, specifically this time for “Consumer Week” turns up nothing – well, something on FinFacts.Com, but like many users on AAM and Boards.ie, I don’t really hold much store in what’s published there.

Nothing on the Fine Gael website either, apart from this announcement about a bill to regulate so-called “ripoffs” in professional services such as estate agents, dentists and insurance brokers.

Oh well, I tried, but nothing. As I said below regarding the relaunch of www.ripoff.ie, the consumer doesn’t care, and probably Fine Gael are beginning to find that out.

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