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Has Eddie Hobbs passed his “sell by” date?

As a regular user of AskAboutMoney.com, it was obvious that the reaction to the most recent Eddie Hobbs production, 30 Things to do With Your SSIA, was not as well appreciated as the original “Rip Off Republic”. This could also be seen by the fact that for even such a topical thing as your SSIA money, no viewing records were broken by his latest show.

Given some of the comments on AAM about Eddies plugging of investment property in Cape Verde, it seemed to me that people were beginning to think that he was going a little too far.

And now, we’re seeing that Eddies “stand up” shows planned for Dublin and Cork have been cancelled. Depending on whos version you believe – either from a lack of interest, or because the venues were too big and he wanted more intimate venues to provide his advice to the audience.

I actually find this new phase in his stand up career to be pretty bizarre. Here we have a financial advisor planning one man shows in the same locations where you’d go to see comedians or bands.

Is this entertainment? Or mass financial advice? Or the beginning of a new cult? Or religion?

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