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More spam than I can shake a fork at….

I’ve noticed in the last week or so an increase in the amount of spam that I’ve been getting to my ValueIreland e-mail addresses that I have posted on the various contact pages and so on on the website.

The spam now however has a new slant to it – it’s making it look like I’m getting e-mails bounced back to me as being not delivered – until you see that the address I’m supposed to have sent the e-mail from is something completely random and not a proper address at all.

I was wondering what the angle was to these, but I’ve just noticed that the Norton Anti-Virus is doing it’s job and actually stripping out viruses from these spam messages.

Been a while since I’ve seen these being sent through. It’s mostly, as I’ve mentioned before, job offers from China, lottery wins, and the next big stock tip that I’ve been getting these days.

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