Value for Money – The Port Tunnel

I noticed this article earlier in the week, and was reminded about it this morning as I crossed O’Connell Bridge in my bus.

The article speaks of how the people running the Port Tunnel are concerned that smaller trucks aren’t using the tunnel as much as would have been expected.

This morning, counting the largest kind of articulated lorries queuing on Burgh Quay all the way back to the IFSC, there were about 12 of these juggernauts, obviously heading west, and avoiding the Port Tunnel, or more probably avoiding the 8.30am backlog of traffic that has you going 5mph between the Ballymun and Lucan exits on the M50.

But sure all that will be fixed with the M50 upgrade. Oh, hang on, they’re not upgrading the north side of the toll bridge, but south of it.

Who made that decision? Lets not upgrade the bit that’s going to have the biggest increase in traffic immediately!! Madness.

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