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30% price inflation in Kilkenny Shop Restaurant

Working in the Dublin 2 area, I sometimes like to take a late lunch and head to the Kilkenny Shop on Nassau Street for a late lunch in quiet surroundings.

The selection of food at that time isn’t the best, but normally their quiche and 3 salads is fairly decent, if a little pricey at €11. But, given the whole package, it’s a once-a-month thing that I like to do.

Not any more. I went there yesterday for the usual only to discover that the very same serving of quiche and 3 salads had gone from €11 to €14, a rise of almost 30%.

That is a completely unbelievable increase in the period of about a month since I was last there. At €11 it was expensive, but tolerable, but now at €14, it’s ridiculous.

Obviously the “ladies who do lunch” who make up the majority of customers in the Kilkenny dining area any time I’ve been there aren’t too happy with it either – there’s a definite sign that the volume of customers yesterday compared to similar times in the last few months is declining.

I realise it’s a difficult thing for businesses to square the circle of having to cover costs versus price increases, but an immediate 30% increase while covering costs is unlikely to keep your customer volume.

2 comments On 30% price inflation in Kilkenny Shop Restaurant

  • This statement seems very strange to me as the manager of the kilkenny restaurant.Quiche and three salads has been €14 for the past year and not €11. Our baked ham with three salads is €11. Could there have been a mistake perhaps. We receive compliments daily on our value for money meals and on the quality also. We seat 250 people at lunch and we are always packed. That speaks volumes for me.

  • I was browsing through the web recently when i came across this blog. As a regular customer of Kilkenny’s i was surprised to read this negative review. I can honestly say that the information mentioned is incorrect and without substance. The restaurant is held in very high regard with my colleagues and friends. The prices have increased ever so slightly in the past year but so have prices in all restaurants in the city. The atmosphere and customer service is second to none and i would highly receommend visiting this unique restaurant for yourself. Enjoy!!

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