Cheap flights from Knock to New York

Lots of hype last week (including here) about cheap flights from Knock Airport to New York or Boston with the FlyGlobeSpan airline. The quotes said “from €157 including taxes”, while the radio coverage I’ve heard mentioned “€200 flights to New York”.

All fine and good, until you go to their site to try to book. While I’m fully aware of the manner in which airlines price and advertise their flights, I was a little surprised to be quoted over €350 each way for flights in August to New York.

I just checked then all their other flights out to New York, and there was only 1 single flight in their whole schedule for the summer at even close to their prices mentioned, €208 on June 26th. After that, it looked like the average flight price was around €300.

Cheaper flights my arse!

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