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The Consumer Protection Bill

Lots of coverage recently, mostly negative, about the chances of our new Consumer Protection Bill being passed through the Dail before the forthcoming general election. By the content of some articles such as this editorial in the Irish Independent, it seems like it’s not all that clear whether this new bill will actually do anything to change the plight of consumers in Ireland today.

Maybe a more accurate reason for the politicians reluctance to pass the bill prior to an election was detailed in this excellent small piece in last weeks Phoenix magazine.

Consumer Bill “Terrifying Dáil Aspirants”
by Bill Board

Politicians fear Irelands democracy could suffer if the proposed Consumer
Protection Bill is passed. Election candidates, who traditionally peddle their
wares on doorsteps, now fear falling foul of the legislation, which proposes a
ban on scams, misleading information, blatant lying, false cures, lying through
the teeth, and cold calling, amongst other accepted election practives.

Said one outraged candidate last night “Ireland is doomed if this bill is
passed! All the lads are worried sick and some could even see jail if it’s
backdated. Next thing we’ll be banning fairy tales in schools as well! If we’ve
got to tell the truth all the time, we’d have a better chance of being elected
in Saudi Arabia!”

Scary because it’s probably true!

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