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Take some money back from Allied Irish Banks (legally!)

Do you have a tracker mortgage with Allied Irish Banks (AIB)? Have you seen that they’re dropping their interest rates for tracker mortgages? In case you haven’t, their press release is here for you to read.

However, have you seen how to avail of these new rates? I haven’t been able to find out where they provide this information – they definitely don’t tell you how in their press release.

According to a report from a banking analyst in Davy, you have to write to AIB to get your rate dropped. They won’t give it to you automatically, you have to ask.

I think this is a bit sly. They’ll obviously not have to give this new rate to everyone, if everyone isn’t going to ask for it, and therefore they’ll save themselves money, and obviously keep their profits high.

Therefore, the message must be publicised far and wide – if you have a tracker mortgage with AIB, you must get that letter sent in. If you don’t yourself, let others know, just so that as many people as possible get this discount on their mortgage, and take some money from AIB in a more legitimate manner than they’ve taken money from their own customers in the past, through overcharging on foreign exchange, or students, or shopkeepers, or ironically given this article, mortgage customers.

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