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Shoppers Rights Cards from National Consumer Agency

Over 1.2 million Shoppers’ Rights Cards were distributed to Irish households by the National Consumer Agency (NCA) from January 2006

It’s over a year now since the National Consumer Agency launched their “Shoppers’ Rights Cards” in January 2006. These cards were to be distributed to 1.2m households nationwide, and were to be available in shops around the country (listing here).

Tuesday of this week was the first day that I actually saw a Shoppers’ Rights Card on display in any shop – and I’ve checked, I do use many of the shops on that listing. Congratulations to Woodies DIY in Carrickmines for the dubious honour.

Even though the NCA have these cards featured in a “Hot Topics” section of their website, its obvious that it isn’t really. On a quick survey of 6 houses in Mayo, Donegal, Wexford and Dublin, none have even had a card delivered.

Even in mid-2006 when I followed up directly with the NCA about when I could expect delivery of the card to my house in Dublin, they were unable to say if I should have received it already, or when I could expect it. Don’t people carrying out direct marketing require better feedback on the outcome of their campaigns than that?

The Shoppers’ Rights Cards are a good idea – Irish consumers need to be further empowered in how to be sure they’re getting their entitlements in dealing with sometimes unscrupulous businesses, but it’s unfortunate the follow through by the NCA is so half-hearted.

Maybe they could make the cards downloadable, like we do in Value Ireland with the Value Ireland Card (click here to see more).

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