Lidl, Podge & Rodge, and the “horsey set”

Last week, Podge & Rodge made great fun of the “horsey set” going to Lidl to buy horse riding gear – though some of the stuff mentioned wouldn’t necessarily have been used by them for riding horses.

I’ve been quoted previously in newspapers saying that there’s a certain level of snobbery involved in some Irish people rarely availing of the cheaper prices available in Lidl and Aldi, all the time preferring to spend higher prices in Superquinn, Marks & Spencers and the likes.

But who buys the horse riding stuff in Lidl then, as went on sale last week? Obviously, people who are too proud/snobby for it to be known that they were shopping in Lidl in Finglas. I can say this given the amount of packaging strewn around the Lidl car-park last week, and all of it packaging for horse riding gear.

No shame at all in chasing the best value for money and saving a few bob, whether it be buying the food essentials for the weekly shop, or for horse riding gear.

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