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Quick Consumer Quiz

Complete the following sentence. The Customer is always:

a. A Dickhead
b. Right
c. Condescending

Obviously, we’d always thought that b was the right answer, but apparently given two recent reports about goings on in two Irish restaurants, the answer could just as easily be a or c as well.

Following the reports of Kevin Thorntons “dickhead” outburst last week towards a customer, there are reports in yesterdays Sunday Independent that the manager of a Dawson Street restaurant actually threw out a restaurant critic because of her “condescending” manner of complaint.

There’s no excuse for a business person to act in either of the ways above – no matter how much they dislike what’s being said to them about their product or service. The only way to treat such business people is to avoid their premises in future, but unfortunately that’s unlikely to happen with these particular establishments in this day and age.

Value Ireland has always maintained that Irish consumers should always complain where they’ve felt that they’ve received poor service from any kind of business or service provider. We believe that it’s a sign of a good business in how they respond to a politely put complaint. Check here to see how to put your complaint, and hopefully you won’t be considered a condescending dickhead for doing so.

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