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Ultimate Rip-off? Someone should call the polic……Oh!

I received this via e-mail this morning. Not Ireland, but it’s not too disimilar to how things are done here – witness having to join the IRFU Rugby Supporters Club to get first dibs on tickets for the recent Croke Park rugby internationals. Oh, and a regular e-mail as well, all for €60 odd.

Just checked out the ticketing details for the Police concerts in the UK this
autumn. They go on-sale officially on Friday morning but if you are a member of
the Police Tour Fan Club you can start buying them now. When you select your
tickets you will be automatically billed for 1-year’s premium membership at a
cost of £53. It gives you the option to view the additional benefits of being a
member so I had a look. It’s pretty much the ticket presales and f**k all else.
Unless you like exclusive web content & a discount at the on-line

So, 2 tickets to The Police in Cardiff @ £85 ea – €262
1 Membership to the Fan Club @ £53 – €81
Getting publicly man-f**ked by the most ethical man on the planet – Priceless

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