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What’s the actual cost of the M50 Toll?

For the most of 2004 to 2006, I travelled twice a day through the M5o toll bridge, paying my €1.80. It was a great way to get rid of beer change, albeit that it took a split second more to put in 9 20cent pieces.

It was very funny how some people in the traffic mayhem of the M50 would beep if you took more than 2 seconds putting the money in the hopper. Like it made a difference.

Last weekend and this weekend has been the first time for a long time that I used the M50 Toll bridge, and therefore noticed that it had increased from €1.80 to €1.90.

Which got me thinking? For people who’s time in their minds is so valuable that need to get through the toll bridge in rush hour traffic 2 seconds quicker, how much do they care about the difference between getting the right change, and just putting in €2 and moving on?

How many people, I wonder, just fire in a €2 coin into the toll hopper and drive on, instead of putting in the correct change? This is giving free money to the NTR company given that they won’t give you change.

NTR could probably tell you how much of this free money they’re getting as presumably their cash handling procedures would indicate how many €2 coins go through the hoppers on a daily or weekly basis?

And NTR doesn’t even have to make an effort to get this money back to customers, or even make donations of this money to charity (which I believe Dublin Bus do).

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  • I was traveling to work this morning at approx 6:20 am going from Mitchelstown to Cork, I realised I didn’t have any coins whatsoever for the toll so I proceeded to go to the cashier window. I was greeted with a good morning from one of thecashiers, this was the 2nd window from the left. I handed over a 5 euro note expecting my correct change as I have done many times before. I was handed back a neat stack of coins which I presumed to be correct. However later when I had the opportunity to inspect my change I noted that I had been charged the astronomical toll of 3 euro 20 cents instead of my usual 1 euro 70 cents.

    I checked my car, it hadn’t suddenly changed into a HGV, I then proceeded to check the back, I hadn’t attached a trailer. I counted the axles, mmm still only 2.

    To get to the point, it is not a large sum of money that I was shortchanged, however I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who was shortchanged in this way by this gentleman, it’s an easy thing to do but to prey on the motorist who is just trying to make it to work on time without being robbed, well it’s just wrong.

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