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Eircom admit overcharging, again!!!

Today, Eircom have confirmed that 0.5m calls to free phone numbers and competition lines from land lines were incorrectly charged on the bills over over 100,000 customers between April 24th to May 17th this year. Calls were charged to customers even though no connection made. Apparently, it was a computer error that caused this problem. Eircom say that they’ll be refunding customer immediately.

Click here to read the ongoing tally of Irish companies who’ve been caught, and have admitted, overcharging their customers.

2 comments On Eircom admit overcharging, again!!!

  • I fully agree with this article about eircom overcharge.I am a customer at the moment but the way things are going i seriouly will consider a change of service.I want action taken against this company.Its a pity they bit the finger that’s keeping them in business.Their customers.

  • Yeh, they say they don’t overcharge, but they have a lot of stuff in the small print. My average bimonthly bill with BT was 200 – 260 euro including broadband subscription. I switched to BT (eircom agent at my door advised me they were trying to attract back the customers and were offering 20% off other companies charges) and was instantly hit with a 564 euro bill from them (without Internet). So you can guess I didn’t stay their customer for long.

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