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Online Advertising – you can’t believe what you read

Interesting article linked here where Ryanair are trying to reinforce their own assertions that they provide the lowest price flights in Europe.

Ryanairs ire is directed towards e-bookers and their recent claims on their website that they provide the best price on flights to Europe.

Ryanair are apparently approaching Advertising Standards and the Office of Fair Trade in the UK to have their claim upheld.

As I’ve found in the past myself, if their focus of attention is purely on what e-bookers are saying on their website, then Ryanair won’t have much luck I think. Especially if the UK advertising regulations are similar to Ireland where online advertising claims are not subject to normal advertising rules.

Basically companies can say anything they like on their websites without any regard for advertising regulations. Smart Telecom used this to their (supposed) advantage when advertising telephony services on their site before they were finally found out, and I’ve also had complaints against Imag!ne online advertising rejected because they’re supposedly allowed say anything they like about their services online.

Which is probably how the mobile network 3 will never be challenged on their online assertions that they’re “offering an unprecedented level of value and service” compared to existing Irish networks. That is of course, unless they mean they’re offering an unprecedented level of service in terms of it’s BADNESS.

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