What is “free self-installation”?

I was listening to Newstalk radio this morning on the way to work and I heard an advert from Eircom advertising some new broadband offer.

The interesting thing was their announcement as part of the deal that they were offering “free self-installation”.

Does that mean they won’t charge me for taking their equipment from them, and setting it up myself in my own house, without their assistance? How very generous of them!!!

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  1. plaw999 May 24, 2007 at 09:32 #

    It gets better !

    I realised that I was charged nearly €3 per minute to ring their technical helpline to tell me how to “fix” their product. Exclellent exploitation, anyway moved to ESAT BT just because of a €5 charge.

    Eircom scores yet another own goal !!!!!

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