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Customer Service vs Customer Complaints

There’s been lots of coverage across many blogs about the problems that Damian Mulley has had with Sky Handling Partners who lost his luggage in or out of Cork Airport – you can read his original blog here.

While I fully sympathise with Mr.Mulley and his difficulties with having his luggage lost, the second piece of advice in the Value Ireland Tips on How to Complain does state “Always be polite – There is no point in “attacking first”. Calmly and politely explaining the situation is the best way to get a good reaction from those you are complaining to.”

Since we don’t know the ins and outs of the specific situation, we don’t know if Mr.Mulley tried this at first but still got nowhere. It does appear from his blog that he did get the runaround and did act differently than he might normally have done so.

Still, I can’t help feeling that the tone of his original blog was massively over the top (and despite the nastiness and possible illegality of the alleged Sky Handling Partners response – detailed here) and has probably caused Mr.Mulley to lose any sympathy that he might have had originally when being dealt with when complaining about a customer service issue.

Obviously, one absolutely cannot condone the alleged response of Sky Handling Partners, and I find it hard to believe the stance they have taken since this has all come out. But in fairness, it’s not hard to see the reasons for such an alleged response given what I see to be the original provocation within Mr.Mulleys post first.

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