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Taxi Cancellation Fee

Here’s an interesting post on the Consumer Issues pages of boards.ie where a poster was told they’d be charged €7 by a taxi company after cancelling a booking they’d only just made.

There’s much discussion in response to the post – basically outrage at the idea that a taxi company could try something like this.

Given that the taxi business is now regulated by the Taxi Regulator, you would expect that if such a charge was legitimate that it would be included on their site – but there’s nothing.

Also, as pointed out by some posters, if a cancellation fee were to be part of the transaction, they would have to tell the prospective customer up front – i.e. as part of the terms and conditions.

However, it doesn’t appear that this is a legitimate fee, so if a dodgy taxi company tries this out on you, tell them:

  • Thanks, but no thanks
  • You won’t be using their service again
  • You’ll be telling others not to use their service
  • You’ll be reporting them to the Taxi Regulator (but make sure you do!)

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