The Frugal Tiger and IWillNotHold

I regularly check the web statistics for Value Ireland to see how our site visitors are getting to the site. This week there were a couple of new entries on the site, both of which I’ve added to my links list here.

The Frugal Tiger – Set up by Deborah, who describes herself as a happy housewife who has returned to live in Ireland after living in the US. The site looks pretty good so far, with some very good tips and advice for consumers. Worth visiting regularly I say.

IWillNotHold – Customer Service In Ireland – According to Deborah above (where I found the link from) the blog has been set up by Damien Mulley (of the recently ended IrelandOffLine campaign). It seems pretty new also but it will be interesting to see the posts it gets. Again, people should use this – given Mr.Mulleys media outlets and ability to get coverage, complaints here are likely to get more general media coverage.

Note: Both these sites have since expired.

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One Response to The Frugal Tiger and IWillNotHold

  1. Damien Mulley June 16, 2007 at 12:16 #

    Thanks for the link. My media outlets eh? 🙂

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