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Ulster Bank Customer Service

I was reading this evening in AskAboutMoney about the experiences of one reader about their frustration regarding Ulster Bank customer service – you can read the thread here.

I’d like to echo this given my frustrations with Ulster Bank over the past couple of months. This has also included a complete refusal to reply or acknowledge any letters sent to them, including one directly to the bank manager.

Given all the advertising Ulster Bank have at the moment offering money to prospective new customers, I’d recommend to anyone thinking about it not to bother. While you’ll get €150 for a new bank account or €1500 for a new mortgage, you’ll actually only be repaid with your own frustrations in the future.

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  • Yes.. The very same bank accidentally closed my account back in 1999, without notifying me. When I found out, it turned out that the account could not be reopened (once it’s been closed..), and as both the law and my living arrangements had changed, and I no longer had any household bills in my name (or a regular job), it was impossible for me to open a new bank account. So, I’ve been living without a bank account since 1999, thanks to a stupid mistake by Ulster Bank. They have admitted it, but it’s no joy for me, really.

    They were also going to post my €12.000+ cheque to my old address, where I hadn’t lived in several years, and had I not gone to ask about that money on the day they were going to post the cheque, who knows what might have happened to it! When I eventually received the cheque, I had to lodge it on someone else’s account, because I couldn’t have cashed it otherwise as I no longer had an account (thanks to feckin’ Ulster Bank)!

    I reckon people should really avoid Ulster Bank!

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