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Interesting Letter to Madame Editor

There was an interesting letter in yesterdays Irish Times regarding the conversion of UK prices to Euro prices in the many UK multiples that are here in Ireland at the moment. A very good point I think.

Madam, – In his lengthy and self-serving defence of the differential between sterling and euro prices of magazines, Vincent Jennings of the Convenience Stores and newsagents Association (June 28th) misses one important point.
Namely, that the sterling-euro exchange portion of the Irish price should be applied only to the wholesale price of the magazines in the UK and not to the cover price. The wholesale price is what his members pay in the UK and only that price is justifiably subject to the sterling-euro rate. – Yours etc.
PADDY MACKEY, Nenagh, Co Tipperary.

To follow up, there was a post on the Consumer Boards.ie pages regarding something similar. “Since when does 99p equal €1.79”. More interesting points there regarding rates of VAT, and which actual price that exchange rates should be applied to.

I know there’s legislation regarding displaying prices in Euros even if there’s UK sterling prices on the labels as well, but I wonder if there’s guidelines or legislation on how to actually come up with these Euro prices.

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