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LoCall numbers could cost you extra

A good article here in the Irish Examiner by Paul Kelly about how consumers can end up spending more money when making calls to 1890 LoCall rather than less. Other numbers included in this analysis are Callsave 1850 and national 0818 calls.

The main reason that consumers end up paying more rather than less when making calls to such 1890/1850/0818 numbers from mobile phones and from landline providers like Eircom is because these calls are specifically excluded from minute bundles.

The journalist does show that there can sometimes be alternative numbers (local or national numbers) that consumers can call which would actually be part of their minute bundles and then wouldn’t incur extra costs.

Which is exactly what this site in the UK does – SayNoTo0870, where O870 is the UK equivalent of 1890. On this site, users provide alternative numbers to the 0870 number for users to call, and not incur excessive charges. There are different rules and issues in the UK, but the idea is pretty good.

So we in Value Ireland are going to do something similar. We’re going to publish as many local numbers for the popular companies which Irish consumers must call on a regular basis.

To kick things off, we’ll quote the suggestions provided in the article linked above:

AIB Phone Banking – 1890 242424 – use 01 6670024 instead
Ticketmaster Ireland – 0818 719300 – use 01 4569569 instead

A trick to finding these alternative numbers is to check a companies “Contact Us” page, and to look for a “From Abroad” number which is normally a local or national number rather than the 1890/1850/0818 numbers.

Do you have other alternative numbers that would work instead of these 1890/1850/0818 numbers? Post them here and we’ll keep track of them, or e-mail us.

2 comments On LoCall numbers could cost you extra

  • And just to add another one, courtesy of NTL themselves when you try to ring their Freephone number 1800 321 321.

    From a mobile, you should call 01 2458600 instead.

  • Yes, I liked saynoto0870 site in UK. It helped me to realize for what to pay. There is a growing increase of companies in the UK opting to use 0870 numbers (and similar). Usually to hide their geographical location and appear more national and in doing so get a commission on the phone call, so there is no incentive to advertise their geographical numbers like 0800 numbers, 0870, 0845 and others.
    However, if like me you are out and about and using your mobile, you probably have a price plan that includes a bundle of talk time which don’t include 0870 numbers in the pricing plan. Be careful, and check your plan.

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