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ODCE – Another useless government agency

At the moment, a couple of government agencies (the National Consumer Agency (NCA) and the Office of Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE)) plus the independent Law Reform Commission, are all looking into the scourge of many apartment owners – Property Management Companies.
Living in an estate managed by a property management company who have made it into the Evening Herald because of their ineptness (and then scolded their residents for reporting them to the press) these three streams of work have some interest for me.

However, at the moment, the only one of these three agencies who can actually do anything are the ODCE. The aims of the ODCE are encouraging compliance with the Companies Acts, uncovering suspected breaches of Company Law and prosecuting detected breaches of the Companies Acts. So, if a property management company breaks any provisions of the Companies Act, the ODCE should be interested.

My own property management company have breached at least 8 provisions of the Companies Act in the last 2 years – as has been acknowledged by the representative of the ODCE who contacted me in response to my complaint.

And there it’ll end. The ODCE will not proceed with any investigations or prosecutions, and according to the less than helpful gentleman from the ODCE, “like the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the ODCE is not obliged to provide any reason as to why it is not prosecuting a company in breach of the Companies Act”.

Tell me again then, what is the point of a Director of Corporate Enforcement?

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