Test drive anyone?

My sister was recently out looking to buy a new car. She pretty much knew what kind of car she wanted, and it was simply a case of shopping around for the best price. She was looking to spend in excess of €25k, so it was of great importance to get a test drive to make sure everything was to her liking.

Most garages she visited were obviously quite agreeable to this test drive – either happy for her to leave her car behind, or for someone to accompany her while on the test drive. However, there was one garage that she mentioned to me that just took the biscuit.

This garage, which shall for the moment remain nameless, would only provide an accompanied test drive if she, the prospective customer, committed to purchasing the car, and paid a deposit to confirm this intention. Unless such a commitment was forthcoming, there would be no test drive. Ridiculous!

I do hope there are no car buyers out there willing to succumb to such an absurd condition. There’s no way anyone should spend that kind of money without trying the merchandise first!

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