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Another business losing my custom today

A couple of months ago I decided to set up a regular savings account with First Active. I had been planning on moving my mortgage to them via a staff offer with my employer. The regular saver account was to build up lump sums to pay down capital amounts every so often.

So, how hard can it be to have a savings account set up and some documentation sent out to me in order to have online access to my account? Very hard actually if First Active are anything to go by. After 4 e-mails to my investments advisor in First Active, I haven’t received the necessary documentation.

Each e-mail sent to me included the text “I’ll get that sent out to you tomorrow, and I’ll ring the following day to confirm you’ve received it”. And on each occasion, neither the documentation nor the phone call arrived.

If they can’t sort out a simple savings account, I’m not giving them my mortgage business either. Imagine such crap customer service when there’s thousands and thousands of euro at stake, rather than a couple of hundred. Sort of reinforces some other acquaintances comments about same company and how I might reconsider doing business with them.

Lets just see how long it takes me to get my money out of the savings account now and get it closed. They’ve the RaboDirect record of 6 months to beat!

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