Cheaper mobile calls? Don’t hold your breath?

News last Friday from Comreg that the three main mobile operators have voluntarily agreed to reduce termination rates for mobile phone calls. This is the charge that each company levies on the other for inter-network calls. So, Meteor will charge Vodafone less when a Vodafone customer calls a Meteor customer from their mobile for example.

But, unsaid in this supposedly good news for consumers is the following:

  • This is only sort of voluntary since Comreg had already threatened to cap the charges themselves – as per this report from RTE in 2005.
  • Of course, we should be happening something is happening at all since this issue has been examined by Comreg for the past 4 years – as per this article from June 2003.

More importantly, it remains to be seen how quickly this whole price change between companies is actually going to result in lower prices to consumers.

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