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Consumer Association action in Spain

An interesting piece of news here about action being taken in Spain by their Consumer Association against the mobile companies in Spain. I wonder if a similar situation exists here in Ireland and whether one of the many possible organisations might follow up – take your pick of the posssible candidates:

MADRID (Thomson Financial) – Spanish consumer association Facua said it has lodged complaints against Telefonica SA’s Movistar mobile unit, France Telecom’s Orange and Vodafone with regulators and the government for flouting new EU roaming rules. In a statement, Facua said the operators were in breach of European rules by charging for the full first minute on roaming calls regardless of whether they lasted less time.
The complaints were filed with the Spanish government, Spain’s competition watchdog and the National Consumers’ Institute, Facua said. Under the new regime, roaming rates cannot exceed 0.49 eur per minute, or 0.29 eur for incoming calls.
‘The method used by the Spanish companies means that, though a call lasts only a couple of seconds, users are charged as though they had talked for a whole minute,’ Facua said.

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