Easy money?

It’s a long time ago now since we published our VI Savings Plan – a simple way of saving a little extra money every week. It’s something that I pretty much follow myself in various guises all the time.

However, I’m going to share a different plan with you now on how I’m planning on making a little extra money this year. If you have an issue with gambling, you should probably stop reading this post now.

On the 11th of August I took €50 and have turned it so far into €86.43, a return so far of 73%. Not so bad! And it’s all down to Liverpool. In a scheme revised since it’s inception last year the plan is to have a bet on Liverpool to win every game of the season. Or, based on the revision from last year, the bets are essentially “win/no-draw” bets.
So, here’s how it works.

  • Start with €50 balance
  • Bet half the balance on Liverpool to win their first game of the season, no draw bet. Odds were a measly 5/2 on.
  • Liverpool win – new balance is €60.
  • Take half the new balance, and bet on Liverpool to win next game, €30 now at 10/3 on.
  • And so on…..

Of course there are issues with this. Liverpool were 20/1 on to win their game with Toulouse last night in the Champions League qualifiers. The starting balance of €50 was small, and the odds are not great in general – 5/2 on has been the best so far in the first game.

Still, a bit better and more engaging than sticking €50 quid on Liverpool at the start of the season to win the Premier League. Regular updates to follow.

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