How Rabodirect keep their customers

They just don’t respond to requests to close their accounts. Last May, I sent a request to Rabobank to have my savings account with them closed. Today, eventually, I was told my account would be closed.

It has taken 4 written letters plus numerous e-mails and phone calls to actually get this to happen. The final straw was the need for two “security calls” where they had to ring me to confirm some security questions before closing the account.

When I was called this morning, the first question was “So Mr.MacShane, why have you decided to close your account?” When I asked to be asked security questions rather than these survey questions, the customer service person started to seem irate that I didn’t want to follow the script.

I suppose, since it had taken 6 months to get this far, I should have given them the extra 2 minutes just to be done with them and to be nice.

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