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Overcharging Ireland, again

Another, and if I’m not mistaken, the last remaining Irish bank has now come out and admitted that it too has overcharged it’s customers. Today Ulster bank has admitted that it overcharged 25000 customers €4m.

Does it even matter how, or why they thieved this money from their customers? If you are interested in the details, as per usual, you won’t find anything on the Press Release section on their website. You won’t find it either on their What’s New? Section on their homepage either.

Click here to read the Breakingnews.ie version of the story.

This now brings (as far as we in Value Ireland can estimate) the total number of Irish customers overcharged by Irish businessess to 1,322,200 and to the tune of €111,743,000m. Our continuously updated analysis of overcharging in Ireland is available here.

Just look at those numbers again – they’re unbelievable.

One thought! I wonder what kind of “ongoing review” were Ulster Bank doing to find this mistake? Were they looking for instances of overcharging? Shouldn’t that have been completed a couple of years ago? Or I wonder did someone find the problem and highlight it to Ulster Bank, which then lead to the review in question?

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