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Why the Irish don’t shop in Aldi and Lidl?

A report carried out by the “consumer think-tank”, the Future Foundation, has found that Irish shoppers are more brand conscious that most other Europeans, particularly when it comes to clothes.

It found that a majority of Irish shoppers of all age groups consistently buy the same brands rather than shopping around.

Which probably goes to show that the National Consumer Agency might have been right to only ever focus on Dunnes, Tesco and Superquinn for their grocery shopping survey and leave out Lidl and Aldi.

But if that’s the case, and Irish consumers are determined to buy the branded items, can they really legitimately complain when there are actual valid and cheaper alternatives available in the market?

1 comments On Why the Irish don’t shop in Aldi and Lidl?

  • I was in a restaurant in Stillorgin last night. There were a couple of older D4-type people how came in and sat beside us. At one stage I overheard the lady telling her disbelieving friends “Yes, I did actually go into that Lidl place. And you know what, it is actually very cheap. Very cheap indeed. I didn’t buy anything obviously, but it’s very cheap”.

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