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Eddie Hobbs and Brendan Investments

It’s been most interesting recently to see various websites and bloggers views on the new Eddie Hobbs back property investment vehicle, Brendan Investments.

There are varying differing comments on the www.askaboutmoney.com forum here, as well as this interesting and observant post on www.thatsireland.com.

I’ve no real view on the investment itself – though personally I wouldn’t invest myself – I’d always be suspicious of something with such artificially generated hype. I’m also reminded of the old addage, “if it sounds too good to be true, it most probably is”. This must surely be associated with Mr.Hobbs’ comment where he said that he could quadruple an investment in 10 years.

While he has been up front about the risks and charges, it is my belief that people with €5,000 to spare are more likely to be blinded and therefore lead by the persona of Mr.Hobbs rather than taking the time to read the comprehensive documentation.

While you may not say that this is not the fault of Mr.Hobbs, but why else would he be involved as the front man if he wasn’t being used as an advertising hook to bring in such people and money.

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