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Fall in house prices crisis? What crisis?

Hey – Irish Times, you and your www.myhome.ie employees may not be able to read this having firmly inserted your heads in the sand, your recent efforts to stifle the flow of information regarding house prices on your website are ridiculous.

As reported here, and here, www.myhome.ie have changed their web development to display house prices as images, rather than as text.

This is now preventing excellent analysis of the falling asking prices for houses which used to be reported weekly on Trees don’t grow to the sky.

So, house prices are falling, everyone knows house prices are falling, but www.myhome.ie seem to think that by preventing any reporting of that fact that the opposite might actually become true and the general public might not find out. But hang on, aren’t these the people who’re selling the houses, and who can actually see on a daily basis that house asking prices are falling.

While I appreciate that this information on www.myhome.ie is proprietary information, the only positive thing about their action is if they’re going to publish their own reporting on the falling asking prices for houses. If they don’t, and if daft.ie follow the same course of action, it absolutely stinks!!!

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