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Gamekeeper turned poacher?

There’s been some high profile coverage of the “You and Your Money Show with Eddie Hobbs” in the RDS last weekend. This is the show we were asked to publicise here back in July.

On Joe Duffys Liveline Show on RTE1 on Monday there were three or four exhibitors who were extremely disappointed in the turnout – they believed there were no more than 1,500 visitors for the weekend as a whole, well short of the estimated 6,000 quoted by the organisers and far short of the estimated 20,000 visitors used as part of the show organisers sales pitch.

Eddie then showed up on the Mooney show that same day on a pre-arranged booking. Predictably, Eddie first denied that he was all that much associated with the show – he claimed he was only there to give presentations for a couple of hours. Check out the title of the show – headline title involvement if there ever was any – check out his webpage above at the moment.

And secondly, he attacked the people who were complaining about the turnout at the show, the exhibitors who had paid upwards on €7,000 to display “with Eddie Hobbs”. This from the consumer champion who has a full section on his website about “how to complain effectively”.

Further coverage then yesterday in the Irish Independent – referring to “several angry exhibitors yesterday claimed the exhibition itself was a shining example of Ireland’s rip-off culture.”

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