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Highly Recommended – new RTE RipOff (Ireland) Programme

From the RTE website, or todays Irish Examiner,

Have you found an original way of saving money?

Have you found an original way of cutting costs and saving money? Well its time to put your nose for a good deal to the test. Joe Duffy and a team of consumer experts: Ben Dunne, Conor Pope and Barbara McCarthy want to know the story behind these savings. With the help of the studio audience your deal will be scrutinised and challenged but if it stands up throughout the investigations and the panel are convinced it should be Highly Recommended, you will walk away with €2000.

Highly Recommended will look at a range of issues that impact on all our lives ranging from property, cars, health insurance, weddings and childcare. A fun way to encourage us all to shop around, Highly Recommended puts the everyday under the spotlight, imparting valuable consumer advice along the way.
The Highly Recommended Experts are:

Ben Dunne
Ben Dunne has been one of the most controversial figures in the Irish retail industry. He now runs a chain of low price fitness centres throughout Dublin and is a well renowned advocate of the concept of consumer value for money.

Conor Pope
Journalist Conor Pope is responsible for the ever-popular Pricewatch, which has appeared every Monday in The Irish Times for more than three years. On the page he reviews products ranging from the most cutting-edge mobile phones and digital cameras to the cheapest pasta sauces and mouthwashes. He has been recently commissioned to write the ultimate bargain hunter’s manual for savvy Irish consumers.

Barbara McCarthy
Barbara is a freelance journalist who has written a range of articles on topics such as taxation, the global economy and consumer issues such as shopping in New York and property. Barbara is ably placed to comment on the importance of not only shopping around for a bargain locally, but also on where to look further a-field.
Are you clever with cash?

Have you found an original way of cutting costs ? Are you just the person to teach the rip-off merchants a thing or two? You could make a bundle out of a bargain on Highly Recommended, RTÉ One’s new lifestyle consumer show with Joe Duffy.

If you’d like to tell us about the cash you’ve made on car purchases, the dosh you’ve saved on dentists or doctors, the healthy cut backs you’ve made on health insurance, online earnings, holidays, or electrical goods – anything at all – we want to hear from you.

Also, if you just want to be a member of the audience, contact us:

Email: highly.rec@gmail.com or phone: 0818 270 941 (note the use of a free website here)

Calls charged at national rate. Network charges may apply.

Here’s our tip on saving money, as per a reader of Value Ireland, don’t call their 0818 number. This is one of the numbers that may cost you more than you think as per our www.saynoto1890.com website. RTE, or Vision Independent Productions – help us poor consumers save money – give us a regular 01 number to call you on.


Click here for the SayNoTo1890.com Website.
Click here for the SayNoTo1890.com Website.

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  • It is a non profit phone line and is charged at national rates 8c per minute so it doesn’t discriminate against people outside Dublin. The high prices quoted were from mobile phones and is due to what mobile phone companies charge. Feel free to call the production office directly on 01 8602832 with your stories of savings.

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